ant [noun] /ænt/: Ants collectively work in highly organized colonies, which function as unified entities, as superorganisms. Their team play, excellent communication skills, and hard-working attitude enable them to tackle complicated problems. Some species construct complex nests, while other nomadic species only build temporary structures. Either way, they always carefully select the most ideal nest site and construction materials. Their long co-evolution with other species has resulted in many commensal and mutualistic relationships. Overall, ants have achieved an amazing balance in terms of living space and relationships, reaching an exceptional degree of sustainability. Their lifestyle founded is on frugality and inspired the interdisciplinary architecture and advice bureau ants.
Ants believes that excellent Architecture originates when the architectural, design technical and contextual aspects of a construction are in balance. The synergy between these elements cannot be touched but will be recognized and appreciated. The Architecture exceeds itself, triggers the imagination beyond space and beauty, and becomes spiritual.
For each and every assignment, Ants carefully questions architecture and aims to define it again. This ambitious approach implies that a specific, layered course is charted for each project without restrictive premises as a starting point. Ants continuously monitors the feasibility of form and function to meet its drive for realisation.
Ants bundles the expertise for architectural design with the know-how to support each phase of the constructive process. Customized creativity, based on harmonious interactions with clients, is balanced with engineering sciences and societal and ecological awareness. Ants focuses on the aesthetic and technical challenges of its architecture but also takes the economic, ecological, social and cultural context into account. Ants’ frugal architecture can, therefore, cope with all private and public aspects of each design technical concept.